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The British Columbia Aboriginal Training Employment Alliance Members (BCATEAM) formerly: The First Nation Human Resource Labour Council (FNHRLC) is the “Go to Body” for Indigenous employment and training initiatives in British Columbia.

Our purpose is to increase Indigenous Peoples’ participation in the Labour Market:
  • Developing working relationships with the Province of BC, Ministries, Industry and Government

  • Developing strategic relationships leading to partnerships with Industry and Government

  • Lending expertise to labour market development strategies

Employment related services are provided to 203 First Nations bands in BC. This includes all citizens both on and off reserve, non-Status, and Inuit Peoples, as they relate to human resource development.

The fifteen Aboriginal Skills Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) Managers/Executive Directors come to­gether to promote social change and labour market development for Indigenous Peoples. These Managers/Executive Directors are nominated by their regional boards and make up the membership of the British Columbia Aboriginal Training Employment Alliance Members.

The primary elements of the BCATEAM includes but are not limited to:

  • Promoting and marketing of Indigenous Peoples in the Provincial and National labour market
  • Influencing social change and policy to advocate enhancement of Indigenous Peoples in the labour force
  • Participating at Industry Sector tables developing alliances and partnerships
  • Examining and responding to future Economic Development trends
  • Portal for Government and industry engagement
  • Champion for adequate resources in relation to Human Resource Development
  • Providing practical information and resources to assist in the development of partnerships and relation­ships that lead to meaningful work for Indigenous Peoples

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